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If you don’t have solar – you are paying too much for electricity

A properly designed solar system will save money on your electricity bill and cut greenhouse emissions using the sun to generate a portion of the electricity you consume.

Your Solar System Pays For Itself!

Every solar power project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy usage and goals. From there we can start to piece together a range of different solar system to suit your home.

Solar is a great investment, amazing for the Environment and a great way to feel good about making a difference. A Solar System will drastically reduce your electricity bills and the value of your home

Alternative energy sources such as Solar are completely sustainable and renewable. No matter how much Solar Power we take today, our children and our children’s children will have enough of their own Solar Power in the future. Solar is passive with no moving parts so a quality system will last for many years.

It’s like having your own power station on your roof.

There are many factors to consider when looking at purchasing a solar system; the two most common are financial and technical.

Financial – Solar is not for everyone and the calculations involved to work out whether it make sense can be confusing and cumbersome. This is why Greentec Energy offer a free solar consultation. Our solar consultants will ensure you get the right product to meet your power requirements offering the best return on your investment.

Technical – It’s a common misconception that solar systems comprises of only two components: the panels and the inverter. The third often missed component is its monitoring system.

The monitoring system will either give you the generation at the panel, string or inverter level some more advanced systems will also provide your grid energy consumption information. Greentec Energy only uses quality Teir One products combined with the latest monitoring capability.

Incentives and Feed-in tariff

The Government solar incentives are being phased out from January 2017 to 2030.
The graph to the left shows the value of the incentive based on a 5kW solar system.

Don’t wait for the price of solar to increase, book a consultation today about getting the best possible deal while the incentive is at it’s highest.

Battery Storage

In addition to the feed-in tariff, there is another option for your excess generated electricity, store it. Over the last few years battery storage has become more viable due to improvements in technology and an increase in demand.

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