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Greentec Energy is here to help your business

Are you looking for high quality and affordably priced commercial solar panels in Perth? We have Premium Tier 1 Components suitable for your business – wherever you are in Perth.

Greentec Energy is Perth’s leading supplier of commercial solar panels.

Why Commercial Solar Power?

With commercial solar power, you can reduce your energy costs and take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals.

Join the nation’s most sustainable corporations by switching to clean, more affordable energy.

It’s essential to understand the entire process of installing a commercial solar system. Greentec Energy will take the time to review your power needs and match the right solution from your initial consultation, installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Every business is different and has different power requirements. From small offices to complex infrastructures, we’ll create a solution that suits your business today and into the future.

Greentec Energy is here to help your business.

Whether you want to reduce your energy costs or carbon footprint, there has never been a better time to invest in a commercial solar PV system for your business.

Benefits of commercial solar energy for your Perth business.

  • Increase the bottom line
  • Secure reduced overheads
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Green environmental image
  • Great Government incentives
  • Long term income potential from assets
  • Huge amount of savings on energy cost

We’re trusted by leading solar companies like:

We’re a CEC accredited supplier and installers of Premium Tier 1 Commercial Solar Power.

How do you know if solar is right for you?

You will know the solar is right for you depending on your needs. You have things to consider first, some of which is how much you want to save on your electricity bill, how much commercial solar systems will suit your commercial needs. At Greentec, we would be able to assess your property and then create a customised plan that’s going to benefit you in the long run.

How big are commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar panels measure six and a half by three feet. It weighs 50 pounds or 22.6 kilograms. Its size may vary when customised or depending on the manufacturer.

Are commercial solar panels worth it?

Yes, it’s worth your investment! Based on predictions, solar panels will be even cheaper and will continue to become the most important source of energy in Australia.

How long do commercial solar panels last?

Commercial solar panels last 25 to 30 years. Its longevity is based on its use and how it is maintained. If you have a commercial solar system installed in your building, and you’d like us to maintain them, then let us know.

What are the things to consider before buying solar panels?

Manufacturer – You can look for online reviews or you can ask your local solar supplier or installer about the solar brand, warranty and how much savings you would have in 25 years.

Supplier and installer – It’s important to know the credibility and expertise of the supplier and installer.

Your budget – It’s essential to know what your budget can accommodate. If you do not want to pay upfront, ask for payment options or interest free finance.

Timeline – When do you want the panels to be installed? The most popular time to install solar systems is during summer but it’s also optimal to do it in winter. Depending on your plan, at Greentec, we can install solar panels in any season – anywhere you are in Perth.

Can I take my solar panels when I move?

It can be moved elsewhere, but notice to installers and experts is required. Failure to do so may result in an accident or damage to the commercial solar panel. The place and date of relocation has to be communicated with your solar installers too – so they can create the best plan for you. When moving out, efficiency is critical.

Is it better to buy or lease solar panels?

Renting or buying solar panels depends on the owner. Each has pros and cons. It is better to seek specialists’ advice about it based on your lifestyle and intention to use solar panels. At Greentec, we would be able to explain to you the advantages and the disadvantages of buying and leasing solar panels – and then we will offer you expert advice. Our expert advice will help you make the right decision that will benefit you and your business in the long run.

What is the main advantage of installing commercial solar panels to commercial sectors?

The main advantage of installing commercial solar panels is savings on energy costs. Energy is essential when running a business, and not to mention Australians pay heaps on electricity bills. With commercial solar systems you can save thousands of dollars on your business energy bills. That means, you can utilise that saving to further your business.

How do I know if I need a commercial solar panel for my business?

Businesses that need the power to thrive are diners, coffee shops, boutiques, groceries, convenience stores, and other innovative establishments. Solar panels can also be installed in offices, firms, schools, and professional workplaces. If you are in Perth, and still contemplating if you’ll buy solar panels or not, then let us know. We can explain how solar can help your business grow!

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Are you looking for experts in commercial solar Perth? Send us your enquiry today. For solar consultation, feel free to fill in this form.

Testimonials from satisfied clients:

Very effective and efficient

Very effective and efficient service provided. The solar system was installed quickly, and Mitch provided knowledge of how everything works and everything I need to know. I would recommend greentec to anyone considering a solar system. Worth every dollar I spent. – Seb Buser

Very knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable, fast, and friendly service. My wife is highly impressed with the service that we received, as was I. I would recommend Greentec to anyone looking to get Solar. – Dan Bendtsen
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