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Thinking About Solar?

If you are thinking about a solar system for your home or business in Perth or surrounding areas, understanding how solar works should make your decision easier.

Solar energy works by harnessing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity for your home or business.

Solar power is a renewable energy source that can be used as electricity. In order for this to happen, photovoltaic cells, solar panels, and inverters are needed. The process includes the sunlight hitting the cells made of semiconductor nature. In such a way, electrons are knocked from their atoms and as they flow through the semiconductor cells, electricity is being generated.

Solar power has grown quite a reputation when it comes to homeowners and business owners alike.

Here are some questions & answers that help you understand more about how solar works.

1. What is solar energy?

Simply put, solar energy is renewable energy generated or produced by the sun. This type of energy can be utilized mainly for electricity needs. Solar energy can also be harnessed into usable energy which can be used in schools, homes, or even hospitals.

2. How does solar work?

Solar works in an intricate process of converting sunlight into usable energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels or other means such as solar radiation mirrors. In such a way, solar can be utilized as electricity or can be stored in thermal storage.

How Do Solar Panels Work

3. What are the benefits of solar energy?

Here are some of the benefits of solar energy:

  1. #1. Energy efficient
  2. #2. Cuts down your energy bills
  3. #3. Cheaper
  4. #4. Safe to the environment
  5. #5. Low maintenance
  6. #6. Reduced dependence of electrical supply

4. Can I save more money using solar energy?

Definitely! Using solar energy reduces dependence on electricity from suppliers, which means that you have more access to generating your electricity that ultimately cuts your energy bills.

5. Can solar energy run my whole house?

This depends on the size and the required electrical capacity of your home. An average Australian home consumes electricity resulting in 18 KiloWatt(KW) per day. You would want to generate the appropriate amount of solar energy according to the electricity needed for your property.

6. How do solar work at night?

While solar energy can be generated during the daytime, solar works at night as storage. The amount of solar energy generated during the day can be of use at night time since solar energy can also be stored.

7. How do solar panels work?

How Solar Works

The process starts when photons hit a solar semiconductor cell which results in knocking the electrons loose from their atoms. If conductors are attached to both the positive and negative sides of a solar cell, it forms an electrical circuit which is a vital component in making electricity. When electrons flow through the same circuit, they generate electricity. Multiple cells make up a solar panel, and multiple panels (modules) can be wired together to form a solar array. The more panels you can deploy, the more energy you can expect to generate.

8. What are solar panels made of?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are made up of many solar cells that are semiconductive in nature. Solar cells are usually made of silicon which is constructed with a positive layer and a negative layer, resulting in an electric field, just like in a battery.

9. What does a solar inverter do?

A solar inverter is the equipment used for taking DC electricity from the solar array and creates AC electricity. Inverters also provide protection and system stats, including voltage and current on circuits and production of energy.

10. What are the benefits of hiring a professional for solar works or services?

A professional team of solar experts can give you the following benefits:

#1. Fully licensed and trained electricians

#2. Electrical safety

#3. Proper tools and equipment

#4. On-time services

#5. Access to warranty

#6. Insured services

#7. High-efficiency solar products

The products we offer:

#1. Solar Panels

#2. Inverters

#3. Batteries

One of our happy clients:

Professional & Complete Service!


What a professional service! We were given FREE quotes and the team gave complete information on how solar works and other important details that will help us with our solar panel installation. We are happy we choose Greentec Energy. We are really excited about our new solar panel. – Jessica Smithers

If you have additional questions which we haven’t answered in the FAQs about how solar works, we are more than happy to give you more info. Call us now on 📞1300 358 042 for a free quote and assessment.

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