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Reduce your energy costs and take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals with a new commercial Solar System from Greentec Energy. Join the nation’s most sustainable corporations by switching to clean, more affordable energy. The installation of a Solar System will see you effectively taking back control of rising energy bills with a premium system that will reduce your energy costs while helping the environment.

It’s important to understand the entire process of installing a commercial solar system. Greentec Energy will take the time to review your power needs and match the right solution from your initial consultation through to installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Every business is different and has different power requirements. From small offices to complex infrastructures, we’ll create a solution that suits your business today and into the future.

Greentec Energy is here to help your business.

Whether you want to reduce your energy costs or carbon footprint, there has never been a better time to invest in a commercial solar PV system for your business.

Why choose commercial solar for your business?

  • Increase the bottom line
  • Secure reduced overheads
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Green environmental image
  • Great Government incentives
  • Long term income potential from assets

Custom Designed Commercial Solar Installations

Whether it’s a small 10kW, a 100kW system, or a long term income generating >100kW solution, Greentec Energy focuses on ensuring you have the right size system for your business by only using premium Tier 1 components.

10-30kw systems

Generally requires no special application to the electrical distributor apart from an initial online pre-application submission. 10kW per phase is generally automatically and immediately approved, and system installation process can commence on signing of sales contract.

30-100kw systems

Requires special feasibility assessment and application to the electrical distributor. Expert Solar Engineering planning, assessment and administration is required in order to proceed and expedite proceedings. A consultative process with the area NEM distributor and negotiation is undertaken on your behalf by our expert team of professionals, and solar engineering team. A Renewable Generator Approval package is prepared by us and submitted to the distributor for preliminary assessment. The distributor (in due course) will then make recommendations in order to protect the integrity of their assets, and will either:

  • Reject the application outright
  • Prescribe required network protection and testing procedures and costs involved at this point
  • Depending on the desired amount of export back into the grid determine a maximum allowable size of solar connection to the grid
  • Or prescribe what electro-mechanical protection measures will be required to ensure zero power is ever exported back to the grid.


Hybrid Commercial Solar Systems are commercial solar systems behind the meter with a balance between self-consumption and exporting to the grid.


High Energy Consumers are a best best for commercial solar systems as they will have the best consumption profile to maximise the cost to install a solar system of that size. If they are operating 5 days a week it means it is in their best interest to maximise exports, because on larger commercial solar systems, this can be a significant amount of exports.


Greentec Energy specialises in investing in large commercial systems and we will run a full analysis on your property to understand the exact consumption profile of your business over the course of the last 12 months. We will then match the exact generation capacity of your area for a range of sizes of commercial solar systems.

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